Our Practice
Doctor checking pulse/Stethoscope sitting on ECG printout
Dr. Stark examining a teddy bear with a little boy

Dr. Stark treats a “patient” at Greenwich Hospital’s annual “Teddy Bear Clinic”.

Practice Overview

“The choice of a personal physician affords a real opportunity to influence the future course of your healthcare”

  • A personal physician should be available and accessible.
  • He should know you and your important life circumstances.
  • He should communicate – explain tests, results, diagnoses and treatment options.

Our practice provides comprehensive care in internal medicine, cardiology and preventive medicine. Our foremost goal is helping to optimize your health and vitality throughout life.

Internal Medicine

“An internist is the family physician who specializes in you”. He is a specialist with in-depth expertise in adult medicine who maintains an ongoing commitment to work with you to optimize your health and wellness. An internist treats the whole person. He works closely with other specialists to coordinate your overall care, to monitor your medications, and communicate with your family during major illness.


Cardiovascular medicine focuses on the heart, major vessels, blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Currently, one of every three American women (one of every two men) develops cardiovascular problems. We have therefore dedicated a major portion of our practice to advanced detection, diagnosis and treatment of these important issues [See “Cardiac Tests” for advanced detection tests we utilize].

Preventive Medicine

Recent research suggests that more than 90% of our health problems arise from lifestyle or environmental exposure. It is now possible to predict and significantly influence many of these problems through targeted screening and predictive testing. We have incorporated these modalities in a detailed annual preventive exam, along with a strong focus on lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and stress management.