The majority of our patients are covered by private insurance plans, managed care or Medicare. If you have a different type of health insurance, you can certainly still see us for your care.

Our office staff will provide a detailed claim form documenting our charges and services. We bill conservatively and responsibly. We are committed to helping you receive the maximum level of insurance reimbursement, whether “in-network” or not.

Managed Care

Managed care plans have sought to keep health care affordable by making it more cost-effective. These plans provide incentives to hospitals and physicians to limit patients’ care to what is absolutely essential medically.

Our practice has always done this when considering costly items like CAT scans, MRI’s, surgeries and the like. We have also encouraged generic drug prescriptions whenever appropriate.

However, some insurers have discouraged diagnostic screening and preventive services such as exercise and nutritional counseling, annual physicals or cholesterol followup. We will always use our best clinical judgment to do what is medically appropriate for you, and will support that with appropriate documentation and explanation for you insurer.

In our practice, “managed care” does not have to mean, “limited care”. We feel that personalized attention is key to excellent medical care.