Cardiac Tests
Dr. Stark utilizes traditional and advanced cardiac testing.
Cardiac stress test at Greenwich Hospital.

Holter Monitor

Convenient, miniaturized home heart rhythm monitor used to uncover the causes of dizziness, palpitations or fainting.

Stress Test

Simple, non-invasive measure of heart function. The patient walks on a treadmill while his EKG is monitored. Can indicate if there are blockages in the coronary arteries.

Nuclear stress test

Enhanced imaging of the heart using thallium, myoview or sestamibi cardiac tracers. Considerably more sensitive than a regular stress test.


Using an ultrasound microphone that is guided over the surface of the chest, we can obtain accurate images of the inside of the heart. Extremely useful to assess the heart muscle, heart chambers and valves.

Cardiac C-T angiogram / (Computed - tomography scan)

A non-invasive X-ray technique to visualize the coronary arteries. Can show even the earliest-stage cholesterol blockages, before they pose a threat.

Lipids & Cholesterol

Accurate cardiac risk predictions are now available using simple blood tests. We currently monitor and treat LDL & HDL cholesterol, lipoprotein (a), Lp-PLA2, homocysteine, C-reactive protein and advanced lipoprotein fractionation.

Blood Pressure / Hypertension

Modern antihypertensive agents and individualized regimens have enabled us to reverse even the most resistant blood pressure elevations. This has resulted in significant reductions in risk for heart failure, stroke and renal failure.

Our office arranges tests and studies in accord with your availability and schedule. We review and explain your study results. Copies of your studies can be provided at your request.