Healthcare Reform

Our Future Under Healthcare Reform

Doctors and patients alike need to be concerned about the growing cost of healthcare. The advent of more sophisticated testing, expensive procedures, higher priced drugs and hospital costs have acutely impacted health costs.

But I am even more concerned by the growth of official “utilization review” programs and cost control policies that threaten to undermine both the patient care time and the resources that physicians are able to provide to their patients. When a patient genuinely needs a particular test or treatment, I think his physician ought to be able to get it for him. However bureaucratic interference and outright denials have become increasingly common.

Certainly, we all recognize that our country’s healthcare resources are finite - even here in Greenwich, CT! But growing “benefits management” efforts by Medicare and some HMO’s jeopardize the quality of care that we now enjoy. This is particularly true for so-called preventive health services.

As a specialist in internal medicine, I frequently see, firsthand, the real value of preventive care. The complete physical or annual exam remains the one most effective way for an internist to detect and prevent potentially serious problems.

As a heart doctor, I encounter all too often the consequences of high blood pressure, overweight or high cholesterol that have been neglected. For some of these cases, earlier treatment by a cardiologist may well have prevented a stroke or heart attack.

I believe that an experienced physician is the person best able to draw on his training and education to benefit his patients. Even under healthcare reform, I will continue to provide the same level of conscientious care (albeit in a cost-conscious manner). But never sacrificing on quality or thoroughness.

The internist is often called ‘the family doctor for adults’. In this role, I will stringently monitor your health and help maintain it. In my parallel role as cardiologist or heart doctor, I will diligently evaluate your cardiac risk factors and endeavor to help optimize your heart health as well as your longevity.